The Sculptures

Sculptures are provided for free to Chicago based artists with the stipulation that each sculpture is displayed publicly until the end of the summer.

With any public art, there is a risk that the sculptures may disappear, but like the cicadas themselves, power in numbers will ensure the survival of most. The sculpture is made of plaster of Paris. A small, but important, part of the project is that these pieces will not last forever and eventually even the best preserved sculptures will fade away back into the earth. That said, a good clear coat or epoxy can go a long way in adding some years to your cicada’s life.

The original sculpture was hand carved from a block of plaster in 2021 with molds made to create all of the sculptures to date. The are about 8lbs when dried measuring about 18 inches nose to tail. The legs are made of copper wire and there are loops front and back to mount the sculpture somewhere safe.

For inspiration, here are just a few examples from Baltimore’s 2021 Cicada Parade-a